Taxes and Fees

In the past few years Colorado families and businesses have felt the weight of new taxes/fees being illegally pushed on them.  The word “fee” has now replaced the word “tax” as the mechanism of choice for the state to raise funds to cover budget shortfalls.  The taxpayer feels the affects of either one the same way, with a lighter wallet.  We must follow TABOR and allow the citizens to vote for any tax increase and we must stop hiding taxes by calling them fees.  In these economic times we must eliminate burdensome fees and taxes in order to get the economy moving forward and create much needed jobs.


Personal Rights

Your rights are being slowly legislated away at all levels of government.  The Federal Government believes they know better than the State Government and the State Government believes it knows better than Local Government.  What they all are forgetting is that it is a government by the people for the people.  It is you the citizen of this great state of Colorado that knows best and we want our constitutional freedoms and we do not want government to legislate them away or insert itself where it does not belong.  I will fight to preserve your freedoms and keep control of them where it should be, with you.


Budget and Spending

I will look at the budget and spending issues as if I were running my own business. The government should not spend more than it has and it should not increase taxes/fees to cover budget shortfalls.  Fiscal management should not be clouded by government redirect, instead be guided by sound and proven techniques.  I can see that most politicians tend to implement programs without much of a concern for how they will be funded or even whether a program is really necessary. It is time to be smarter and more disciplined about our governmental spending to be sure we get the most value out of every dollar we spend, after all it is your money not the government’s.  Colorado cannot continue to spend more than it can afford, it is time for our leaders to make the difficult choices.  My background in business will help me propose and make these difficult choices and stop the liberal spending machine we have now.



As a parent I want to be in control of the education that my children are receiving.  Parents need to have that control and be part of the decisions in their child’s education.   They also need to have the choice of where their children receive that education.  If the public school system does not meet the needs of your children, you should have the ability to move them to a school that does and retain your state funding.  I will support the use of a voucher system that will allow parents to take their children to the school they choose.  At the same time we cannot allow our state education system to be dictated by Washington.  It is time to take back our education system and design a system that works best for Colorado families.


State Government

Our state government is always finding new ways to grow.  The governor started his office of energy with a few employees and now they occupy an entire floor of the building they are in.  The cost of this type of behavior is only harming the taxpayers and it is creating a government that refuses to cut back when times demand.  It is time to cut, reduce, or combine state offices and programs that are not essential and that we can no longer afford.  We need to shrink the government machine and allow the taxpayers to keep more of their money to support their families and businesses.


Colorado Industries

The state of Colorado has a lot to offer companies that want to do business here.  The problem now has become that our state government is passing over reaching onerous regulations that are catering to special interest groups.  These new rules and regulations are costing thousands of good jobs and millions in lost revenue for our communities.  Our state leaders have now decided that if it is not renewable energy we should turn them away or regulate them out.  I will fight to stop this trend and invite back these industries and promote growth in all sectors in Colorado.  It is when we put our eggs in one basket that we will find ourselves in trouble, like we are now.  It is time that our leaders work for the hard working people of Colorado instead of dictating what they think the people need.  I will listen to the people and fight to bring the jobs back the jobs we have lost and make Colorado a business friendly state again.